In The Buff Sweet Paprika is the first plant-based protein ketchup. With over 11g of healthy protein per 100g and no nasties. Our Buff Sauce is gluten free, vegan friendly and is guaranteed to give your taste buds a real workout. 


Try it today to experience our original, groundbreaking ketchup, with a fresh taste sensation of spicy, piquant paprika and rich tomato sweetness.

In The Buff Sweet Paprika Protein Ketchup 452ml

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  • Because In The Buff is only made of good stuff, it needs to be kept refrigerated once opened and will stay great to eat for at least 4 weeks.

    The plastic bottle is completely recyclable so please respect our lovely planet and don't throw it in the rubbish bin - give it a new lease of life in the recycle bin. Thanks!

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